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Users of the Ethiopian National Art website

This website is started to honor those who contributed a lot for their country, Ethiopia, as an artist and as a person in general by creating awareness and encouraging discussions concerning the livelihood situations of these people which is usually found to be not good. The people who are alive have a great deal of economical and health problems and those who are not alive have nothing to be remembered by their monuments are being destroyed and lost.

The main objective of the editor of this website is to discuss and address this problem to the people of Ethiopia as a result contribute something and help the process of finding the solution a little bit.

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On this website you can find different films, photos, articles on different topics, interviews, and some radio programs.

The editor would like to apologize in advance for any sound and picture quality problems that might occur and request your kind and honest cooperation in forwarding your comments and suggestions to us since it is very crucial for our future improvement and it will help us to reach our target soon, so if you have and comments or suggestions please forward them to us through our address provided.

This website will also try to create a network between different groups within the art itself. It would serve as a common place where every group can put the things they achieved, their news, strong and weak parts of their group in the form of photos, pictures or articles and share them with other groups; this will also help the individual groups to promote themselves.

The editor of this website is one part of the association which is formed to address and solve the problems mentioned above and it will also try to serve as a bridge and create a communication between the public and this association.

Ethiopian National Art Center.


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